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Intimate Insider: Sonata Lingerie Embraces the Belle Epoque

20 Jun

Using sheer, high-end laces, satin, silk chiffons and Swarovski crystals, designer Sonata Rapalyte has created multiple award-winning collections.  If you’re familiar with Sonata Lingerie, you have likely seen one of her luxurious lace bodysuits which Sonata says “is destined to adorn the bodies of those who want to be subtly reminded that they are deserving of only the very best.”  Sonata’s latest collection, ‘Belle Epoque’, is available in stores now and Sonata is excited to announce the launch of her recently re-designed website www.sonata-lingerie.com.  Intrigued by Sonata’s background and impressed by her hand-made designs, I interviewed her to get an intimate look at the designer behind the brand….

BraLaMode: What inspires you most?

Sonata: I love fashion.  I love good shoes.  Wearing good lingerie gives you the same feeling as wearing good shoes.  Wearing good lingerie makes a woman feel confident, attractive, and it gives them a real positive lift throughout the day.

BraLaMode: What did you do before starting your brand?  How did you get started?

Sonata: I moved to London quite quickly and started working for the uber-trendy lingerie designer Damaris.  I worked with Damaris as a seamstress and technical designer during the launch of her brand and throughout the early years.  However, I started to want to make my own designs.  My love for travel as well as my passion for lingerie then inspired me to move to the Sardinian coast for a while.  I ended up designing my entire first collection there.  I was surrounded by the unmistakable and breathtaking beauty on the island!  It was so inspirational.  I used to take a boat and sail out to the middle of the ocean, sit in the sun with the breeze and the waves, and just design.

BraLaMode: What’s the number one thing that differentiates you from other brands?

Sonata: It is a high-end lingerie line due to the quality fabrics and handmade aspects of the designs.  Sonata Lingerie is designed with fabulous women in mind everywhere.  I hate to think I have only one type of lady buying my designs.  I hope to inspire all ages from 18 to 80!  I just want to make women feel pretty, confident and sexy.  When you wear amazing lingerie, you feel amazing.  Basically, if I’ve achieved you feeling fabulous, then I’m happy with that.

BraLaMode: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Sonata: Sonata lingerie will take over the world!

BraLaMode: Tell me something interesting about you that isn’t lingerie related.

Sonata: My passion is cooking.  I always have my girlfriends around for dinner to try new types of foods or dishes.  We talk, we laugh, and they love my cooking!

Sonata Lingerie is available at www.bellabellaboutique.com.




Intimate Insight: Angela Friedman Presents the Versailles Collection

31 May

What do you get when you combine art, design, history, theatrical costuming and feats of engineering with European draped silks, French lace, brocade and ruffles?  Angela Friedman’s Versaille Collection!  If you haven’t heard of Angela Friedman yet…. you will soon.  Angela has been developing her line for over five years, all while running the ladies’ department at The New York City Ballet Costume Shop, building costumes for the Glimmerglass Opera and the American Players’ Theatre and making dresses for everyone’s favorite vocalist, Adele.  

The variety of underpinnings being offered in her debut lingerie collection is staggering, as are the truly opulent details that make us long for yesteryear.  The vintage-inspired designs infuse an aristocratic flair with muted dusty hues to achieve a collection that evokes beauty, elegance, romance and pure indulgence!  The collection includes real steel-boned corsets, lacy and frilly bras and panties, bias cut slips and robes, accessories and garters.

Angela’s corsets have garnered praise around the World and there is no question as to why…..  Angela has taken European luxury fabrics such as metallic brocades and hand embroidery to create fine art in fashion!

Angela will be showing her Versailles Collection in NYC this Saturday, June 2nd.  Prepare to be wooed by Angela Friedman.  All pieces will be available for purchase as of Monday, June 4, 2012.

The Versailles Collection has been designed and handmade in New York City.  Angela proudly supports NYC’s garment district and has made a commitment to use local talent in developing and manufacturing her line.



Intimate Insight: Beautiful Bottoms Introduces New Styles and Patterns for AW2012

17 Apr

The UK brand, Beautiful Bottoms, is known for luxurious silk lingerie and loungewear in vibrant patterns and prints (in addition to having a strong commitment to quality and construction.)  But in the AW2012 season, they’re taking the brand a step further with the introduction of a traditional lingerie drawer staple: the padded bra.  This is a smart move by a company that has taken the world by storm with their unique take on luxury loungewear.  This new silhouette rounds out their assortment offering yet another “must have” for Beautiful Bottoms’ fans.

If you know Beautiful Bottoms, you are well acquainted with their use of color and their dynamic prints.  Each piece is made of high quality silk georgette and the prints are truly unique as well as sophisticated, yet feminine.  Some prints are subtle, while others are sassier and more forward.  The solid pieces in each collection merchandise beautifully with the printed styles for a complete wardrobe. 

Their unconventional approach to patterns and color creates a vibrant AW2012 line that coordinates effortlessly.  All of the collections in the coming season are named after a precious stone that reflects the collection’s color palette, such as Quartz, Jade, Sapphire and Opal. 

Beautiful Bottoms pieces are made to flatter all figures, and offer lots of options for every woman.  Each piece is high quality, although the creators try to focus on affordability as well.  With the addition of padded bras, each loungewear group now has multiple bra and panty options.  Knickers, thongs, padded bras, soft-cup triangle bras, rompers and robes are all part of the AW2012 line. 

Beautiful Bottoms can be found worldwide, from Anthropologie to fine boutiques such as Journelle.



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Intimate Insider: “Sheer Perfection” Designer Asi Efros of Ann Vogue

15 Feb

I was first introduced to Intimate Insider Asi Efros last Fall when she was showing her line, Ann Vogue, at a private sale hosted by The Lingerie Goddess Margaret Shrum.  At that time, I wrote “The attention to detail is impeccable.  Each stitch is sheer perfection.  Ann Vogue is an exquisite lingerie collection which should be reserved for your most special occasions.  The quality of the fabrics, the attention to detail, and the construction of these pieces insure you will cherish them for a lifetime.  The unparalleled fabrics include silk, silk chiffon and crinkle silk chiffon and most styles are trimmed with a delicate French leavers lace trim in a medallion motif.  Even the straps and ties are handmade of self-fabrics such as chiffon and are fully functional.  Ann Vogue epitomizes absolutely luxurious lingerie!”  My point of view has not changed since then.  I discover emerging lingerie designers on a fairly regular basis.  But it is only one in a million that really captures my attention.  Ann Vogue is unequivocally my favorite independent lingerie brand.  At Bra La Mode’s Debut Intimate Affair, Asi provided my guests with a sneak preview of her latest collection which will be premiering next week at The Lingerie Designer Showcase, Tuesday, February 21st through Thursday, February 23rd at the AKA Hotel on 44th Street, NYC.  Make it a point to visit her at the show…. You will not be disappointed!

Late last year, Asi and I met for a cup of tea to discuss her brand and more importantly…. So I could discover the “women in black” behind the brand.  I am always fascinated by the designer.  I want to better understand their thought processes, what inspires them, how they got their start and where they are hoping to take their brand.  Each designer is as unique as the garments they create.  Their designs are usually a reflection of their soul.  Asi Efros’ line, Ann Vogue, is no exception.  Here’s some Intimate Insight into the birth of her brand….

Asi is an immigrant from Russia.  She fled to the United States with her family in 1989.  As they were leaving, her husband said to her “as long as we have your sewing machine, we will be fine.”  Initially, she was sewing dresses here in the States.  But eventually she learned fitting, draping and other techniques they simply don’t teach in Russia.  She landed in the intimate apparel industry where she worked for others for many years….always dreaming of creating her own brand.  In the Spring of 2010, Asi decided to take a break to rediscover herself.  She booked a trip to Europe and left everything behind.  Asi says, “I have a lot of respect for the European culture; they put life before work.” 

Asi spent the next few months observing and absorbing the culture of London, Brussels and Paris.  It is in Paris that the Ann Vogue brand began to take form.  She says, “France is so different from the United States….. The entire city of Paris is enormously sexy!  It’s inherent in the people.  They exude sex.  It’s in their mannerisms, how they move and talk, the language, their attention to detail.”  By the end of the sabbatical, Asi’s concept came to life.

The Ann Vogue brand is organically sexy and forever elegant.  The styles are not overly complicated; they are timeless, classic styles which can be treasured forever.  Asi says, “Like Paris, the collection doesn’t need to try to be sexy… It just is.”  Asi believes that every night can be your “wedding night.”  There’s no need to “wait for sexy.”  She continued, “Life consists of little memories and moments evoking certain emotions.  This is how art is created.”  Each piece is handmade in NYC in the heart of the garment district by amazingly talented people whose craftsmanship and attention to detail is legendary.  Only a few pieces of each style are being produced to maintain the exclusivity of the collection. 

Asi hopes to reintroduce the long forgotten lifestyle when nice clothes were purchased, cherished and cared for as a tribute to its value and craftsmanship.  She remembers her grandfather saying, “We are not rich enough to buy cheap things.”  She says, “It sounds even truer now than it did about a quarter century ago. Our young generation spends thousands of dollars at stores just to throw away shrunken, pilled or deformed garments a month later.”  Asi aspires to continue creating individual works of art in the form of one-of-a-kind, super special sleepwear pieces…..Ann Vogue.

Ann Vogue is available at AnnVogue.com and The Lingerie Goddess Boutique online.

Here are a few pictures Asi took while in Europe in 2010.  Each image inspired her in some way to create the unique Ann Vogue Collection.

Intimate Affair: VMV Hypoallergenics Hosts Lingerie Sample Sale

14 Oct

VMV Hypoallergenics hosted a Private Sample Sale featuring Intimate Apparel brands Lola Haze and Brulee Lingerie on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at VMV Hypoallergenics at 868 Broadway in Manhattan’s Union Square. 

Brulee Lingerie & Lola Haze Sample Sale

Initially, I thought it an unusual locale for a lingerie soiree, but the back room proved to be perfect for the intimate affair.  The space is minimalist; it is light and bright which highlighted the intimate apparel collections being featured at the event.  Upon entering the spa, I made my way to the back room where I was greeted by the oh-so-jovial Laura Mehlinger, designer of Lola Haze…. And her mom, Dianne Mehlinger!  What a treat!  Dianne is quite proud of her daughter’s success…. For good reason!  After chatting with Dianne for some time about lingerie, marketing, and topics such as seo and social media marketing…we were interrupted by the sound of champagne bottles being popped open!  A cork shot across the room and the bubbly flowed onto the floor.  The party had begun!  The occasion was festive and the room was filled with shoppers looking to discover a great find at a great price.  Many pieces were one-of-a-kind and were available for purchase well below wholesale cost.

Lauren Rich from Rich-PR

I spoke with Lauren Rich from RICH-PR who hosted the event in collaboration with VMV at length about her pr firm, how she got started and the various intimate apparel brands she represents. It’s amazing what she has been able to accomplish for her age and it is inspiring to me as a business woman in the intimate apparel industry.

Laura Mehlinger from Lola Haze and her "Painted Birds Dress"

I love Lola!  I saw the Lola Haze collection at the Private Sale hosted by “Lingerie Goddess” Margaret Shrum on October 6th.  But….Laura brought a few pieces to this event that I hadn’t seen before.  I fell in love all over again with a few of her hand-painted silk tops.  And my new fave Lola Haze is the “painted birds dress.”  It is a bias cut jacquard silk charmeuse sheath dress with silk chiffon trim detail at the shoulders.  It is hand-painted by artist Charlotte Pinson.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have my size.  Hopefully, she’ll have something similar in her upcoming collection.  Fingers crossed!  I’ve been invited to preview her latest collection next week.  Being an intimate insider has its perks.  I’ll be sure to report on it in the coming weeks!

Designer Kristian Giambi from Brulee Lingerie & Macy Reeves

The other brand featured at the intimate affair was Brulee Lingerie, launched in 2009 and designed by the beautiful and statuesque Kristian Giambi.  Kristian studied visual communications and branding in school.  So, it was a dream for her to create her own brand from start to finish.  She has been involved in every aspect of the brand’s development and commented that she’s glad the line is produced right here in NYC because she can pop onto the sewing floor anytime she wants.  I asked, “If you could create any brand you wanted, how or why did you pick lingerie?”  Kristian simply said, “Because I couldn’t find what I was looking for.”  Kristian was looking for intimate apparel that was feminine yet strong; a representation of today’s modern woman.  Brulee Lingerie embodies this concept… Even the branding conveys this sensibility.  Kristian felt that the intimate apparel in the marketplace was either boring/ commonplace or, if it was feminine, it was too “frilly” and “lace-y.”  She said, “All women love something special.”  Go ahead and indulge…. In Brulee Lingerie!

Brulee Lingerie is chic and sophisticated.  It’s far from boring and it’s not frilly.  But it’s certainly feminine.  Kristian uses a lot of silk, satin, mesh, and chiffon.  Body styles include slips, babydolls, chemises, camidolls, teddies, as well as loungewear pieces.  Her “classic collection” is primarily made from cotton and she refers to these pieces as “wardrobe staples.”  Several of these pieces can be worn as innerwear, loungewear, or outerwear.  The fashion collections she featured at the sale are called “Vamp,” “Boudoir,” and “Noir.”  The colors were rich and luxe- gunmetal grey, merlot, café, as well as blush, ivory and black.  Styling and trim details include bold colorblocking, chiffon insets, satin piping, custom gold-tone buttons, and genuine Swarovski crystal buttons in black.  Sheer elegance…. I’m hoping to get a sneak peek at Kristian’s latest collection in the next few weeks as well.

I think Brulee Lingerie is a reflection of Kristian herself.  Kristian is feminine, yet powerful in personality.  She is a successful business woman, a wife, and an expectant mother (any day now).  She is driven and ambitious so it’s no surprise that Brulee Lingerie isn’t her only venture.  She is also a founding partner and creative advisor for Afingo.com.  Afingo is “the ultimate designer resource to get it made and get it sold.”  Afingo grants its members access to expert advice, resources, insider tools, and connections to help designers take their idea from concept to sale.  Kristian is a power of example to all women looking to achieve success in today’s world.

The Intimate Affair

It was a pleasure to attend this intimate affair and I met several fabulous, new people.  I look forward to seeing what’s next for both of these designers.  You can be sure that I’ll share my intimate insight with you as soon as I get a sneak peek of their coming collections.


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Made in NYC: Lingerie Goddess Margaret Shrum Hosts Private Lingerie and Sleepwear Sale

10 Oct

Expert Lingerie Personal Shopper Margaret Shrum aka The Lingerie Goddess

Margaret Shrum aka The Lingerie Goddess, hosted a Private Lingerie & Sleepwear Shopping Event featuring three NYC based Intimate Apparel designers on Thursday October 6, 2011.  The collections included Lola Haze by Laura Mehlinger, Ann Vogue by Asi Efros, and Ombrato by Masako Shirokawa.  The Event was “invitation only” and was held at the Doncaster showroom on 57th Street across from the famed Russian Tea Room.  It was a fabulous “girl’s night out” including a spread of wine, cheese, and other sophisticated snacks.  All of the guests were impressed with the collections and many walked out the door with shopping bags full of beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind intimate apparel pieces which will be treasured for years to come.  I was delighted to learn that all three lines are manufactured right here in NYC’s garment district.  Apparently, our very own garment district is still alive and well!

Lingerie Designer Laura Mehlinger from Lola Haze

Lola Haze is a fashion brand designed by Laura Mehlinger who claims that she has been sewing and designing ever since she could hold a needle.  Her brand is playful, fresh, and inspires a sense of flirtiness.  The pieces she had on hand at the event were from various seasons but all maintained the Lola Haze brand identity which speaks to the young, contemporary consumer.  Body styles included tops, slips, chemises, bodysuits, rompers, teddies, camisoles, and panties.  Fabrications included silk, chiffon, mesh, all-over stretch lace, and jersey knit.  Several styles were constructed in “mixed media” (various fabrications in one garment).  And almost all styles incorporated unexpected details such as metallic trims, colorblocking and/or contrast color trims.  These elements of surprise set Lola Haze apart from other brands in her category.  Several of the styles displayed were one-of-a-kind; they were hand painted using splatter paint technique, hand painted placement graphic, or a Japanese hand tied tye-dye process.  All styles are bold, playful, sexy, and comfortable and can be worn as innerwear, loungewear, or as outerwear.  The Lola Haze collection inspires me to go Disco dancing….  If only the original Studio 54 was still open!

Lingerie Designer Asi Efros from Ann Vogue

The Ann Vogue collection is handmade in NYC.  The attention to detail is impeccable.  Each stitch is sheer perfection.  Ann Vogue is an exquisite lingerie collection which should be reserved for your most special occasions.  The quality of the fabrics, the attention to detail, and the construction of these pieces insure you will cherish them for a lifetime.  Body styles on hand at the event included “babydoll” chemises, slips, and camisole / tap pant sets.  The unparalleled fabrics included silk, silk chiffon and crinkle silk chiffon and most styles were trimmed with a delicate French leavers lace trim in a medallion motif.  Even the straps and ties were handmade of self-fabrics such as chiffon and were fully functional.  Ann Vogue epitomizes absolutely luxurious lingerie! 

The luxurious Ann Vogue Lingerie Collection

Lingerie Designer Masako Shirokawa from Ombrato

The last collection featured at the private event was Ombrato by Masako Shirokawa.  Masako also makes all of her sleepwear pieces in NYC’s own garment district.  Ombrato is a sophisticated lingerie and sleepwear collection of chemises, slips, camisoles and tap pant sets, kimono-style wrap robes, and bralettes.  Masako’s collection is constructed using silk, satin, stretch satin, and chiffon.  Styles shown at the event were adorned with delicate lace trims or styled using unexpected details such as draped chiffon or layering with raw cut chiffon.  Masako’s line is classic and elegant yet very “wearable.”  Ombrato speaks to the “lady” in me….  The collection is tasteful, refined, and graceful.

All three collections are unique and special in their own way.  Margaret Shrum has a talent for finding some of the most distinctive lingerie available.  Well, after all… that is her job!  And she loves it!  Margaret Shrum is known as the “Lingerie Goddess.”  She is an expert lingerie personal shopper in New York and Miami, creator of the Lingerie Diet, the Circle Lingerie Community, and the 30 Day Challenge, and author of the eBook “Secrets of the Lingerie Diet.”  Margaret’s personal outreach is to teach women to love their bodies and embrace the perfection of their inner courtesan and natural beauty. Margaret says “It is about truly discovering your sensuality, your own glamorous beauty, and making sensuality a part of your life, 24/7.”  It is Margaret’s hope for every woman — including her own daughter — that she enjoy her size, shape, and age at every point throughout her lifetime.

I was delighted to be at the event with Margaret and a few of my other favorite lingerie aficionados including Darlene Campbell, founder of the Hourglassy Blog and the NYC-based clothing company Campbell & Kate (CEO shirts for D.E.F. women.)  I look forward to Margaret’s next event as the Holiday Shopping Season is kicking off as we speak.  And it just might be time for me to utilize Margaret’s expertise myself as I am in dire need of a Lingerie Make-over (believe it or not)!


Expert Lingerie Personal Shopper Margaret Shrum



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Ann Vogue




Fashion’s Night Out- In Lingerie Style Part II

3 Oct

For details of the first half of my Fashion’s Night Out journey, refer to the Blog Post “Fashion’s Night Out- In Lingerie Style Part I” dated September 15th.  The following notes are from the second half of my “SoHo Lingerie Crawl” on September 8, 2011.  I would love to describe every detail of every garment I beheld that night.  However, that would be virtually impossible.  So I have selected a few key collections to highlight here as a “taste” of my evening.  Enjoy!

I left Journelle on Mercer Street and headed south towards Spring Street.  I heard squeals and applause as I approached the corner.  The NYPD had the street blocked off to pedestrians.  I could barely cross to the south side of Mercer Street.  I was headed to my next destination, Kiki De Montparnasse.  But, apparently the Kardashian’s were making a grand “Fashion’s Night out” entrance into their boutique, DASH, on Spring Street.  I was forced to walk a few blocks out of my way to get to Kiki De Montparnasse, but it was well worth it.

Kiki De Montparnasse SoHo shop window

Kiki De Montparnasse is an elegant, high-end intimate apparel boutique with a downtown location on Greene Street in SoHo.  The store is sexy and sultry.  The ambient lighting sets the mood for romance.  I felt sexy and sophisticated just walking through the door.  I was delighted that the store was virtually empty….  Apparently, I was one of the few people patronizing lingerie boutiques for Fashion’s Night Out!  The atmosphere inside Kiki was in complete contradiction to the insanity on the streets just outside their door.  I was only a few steps inside the store when I was greeted by a sales associate who was kind enough to point out the latest collection, Le Fleur (new for Fall ’11).  This collection exemplifies fine, French lingerie.  It is constructed of French Leavers Lace in cross-dyed color combinations.  The colors are dusty and muted.  Like the colors used by Eniko Bazsa in her line Bazsarozsa, these colors are subtle, sophisticated, and ethereal.  Colors include Smoke, Black, and Nude with Periwinkle.  The lace is paired with a fine gauge mesh fabric and a delicate picot trim.  The details are impeccable.  I’ve found that it’s the small details that set apart fine, high-end lingerie from mid-priced, mass-produced intimate apparel.  Kiki’s Le Fleur collection is no exception.  Body styles include an unlined underwire bra, corselette bra, bodysuit (to die for!), thong, boyshort, cheeky “tanga” bikini, garter belt, and my favorite piece- the high-waisted brief. 

Kiki De Montparnasse Le Fleur Cami Bra and Tanga

Kiki De Montparnasse has also introduced a new color to its Soleil collection.  Although the collection is not new, the Ocean Blue colorway is.  The Ocean Blue colorway is best described as “almost navy.”  It is a rich color with a hint of “bright/light.”  They also added their high-waisted brief to this popular collection.  The Soleil collection is constructed of a beautiful, crochet-look galloon lace.  It is available in black, blush, and now ocean blue.  In addition to the high-waisted brief, body styles include an unlined bra, bodysuit, thong, boyshort, cheeky “tanga” bikini, and garter belt.

I am in love with Kiki’s Cashmere Loungewear collection.  The cashmere knit is the lightest possible…. It is like heaven- airy, light, soft, luxurious, and definitely special.  It is available in black, heather grey and pearly white.  They’ve introduced a few new styles in this collection.  Styles include a t-back tank top, lounge pants, deep-v-neck sweater, leggings, and a sweater with a large center back opening with an oversized dyed-to-match satin ribbon bow tie at center top back.  This collection is pricey but truly unique in its fabrication and unexpected styling details.

Kiki De Montparnasse Cashmere Loungewear Collection

I left Kiki De Montparnasse and headed north on Greene Street to La Perla.  Some would argue that La Perla Lingerie is the finest in the world.  Each season, they introduce unique collections with unparalleled detail.  Their Fall ’11 Collection theme is “The Roaring ‘20’s.”  One would expect each style to “roar” with flapper-esque influence.  However, the collections just subtly hint at that era, capturing only the indulgence, independence and rebellion of a period in history characterized by an economic boom, the cry for liberty, freedom and female equality, and the famed “Flapper” girl who challenged the social norms of the time with her new form of dress influenced by the jazz music of that era….. She danced provocatively, wore (and applied publicly) make-up which had once only been reserved for “ladies of the night,” she popularized the short “bob” hair style, she smoked and drank with the men, she did away with corsets and pantaloons in exchange for breast-binding, and attended illustrious “petting parties” as a means of demanding sexual equality as well. 

La Perla Indiscrete Unlined Underwire Bra and High-Waisted Brief

I was first drawn to La Perla’s new Indiscrete collection.  Even the collection name, Indiscrete, suggests a rebellious sexual attitude.  Like most of La Perla’s collections, Indiscrete is very seductive in a very tasteful manner.  The primary fabrication is sheer, “scratched” tulle with a delicate lurex thread.  The tulle is ruched and creates the illusion of an ice castle.  This tulle is accented with a dyed-to-match macramé-type embroidery which is patterned as glaciers in my mind.  The pattern is very elegant and also incorporates a lurex thread adding to the icicle effect.  All styles are trimmed with a silk satin piping or band.  One of the key features in this collection is the silk satin covered functioning buttons.  The Unlined Underwire Balconette Bra has cups made of embroidery.  The cups are then covered with the scratched lurex tulle which is ruched and finally gathered together at the center-front with a functioning button.  This styling detail creates a perfect peek-a-boo effect.  The collection includes signature logo elastics.  I love the Thong which has a ruched tulle waistband which is cinched at center front and center back with satin piping and the bustier has a wide satin band at its hemline.  Other styles include a fabulous bodysuit, triangle bra, push-up bra, a retro-style high-waisted brief, and a Brazilian thong.  It is available in white and black.

La Perla Indiscrete High-Waisted Brief Front

La Perla Indiscrete High-Waisted Brief Back

The other collection I was drawn to is the Lulu collection in print.  Lulu is characterized by an animal-esque feather print.  The printed silk fabric is accompanied by a guipure-look lace in a feather motif and a satin trim.  And my favorite detail is the tiny, picot-edge elastic used to finish the garments.  The Lulu print is in a neutral grey/black/taupe color combination with black lace and trims.  My favorite body style is the Babydoll which has a drop waist with a functioning self-fabric drawstring tie and buckle detail at top strap joins.  The hem of the slip is a wide solid black silk band.  This style is so sophisticated and elegant that I can imagine one wearing it as outerwear.  The Lulu printed Underwire Triangle Bra has guipure-look lace appliqués on the cups, mesh wings, a buckle at center-front, and continuous self-fabric straps.  In addition, the Lulu collection includes an underwire bra, bikini brief, and thong.

La Perla Lulu Printed Babydoll and Thong

La Perla Lulu Printed Unlined Underwire Bra

Moira Nelson with Hanky Panky's Glam Guru, JD Breen

After leaving La Perla, I decided to pop into Bloomingdale’s on Broadway to say hello to my friend JD Breen, Hanky Panky’s official Glam Guru….  No, really…. Even his business cards read Glam Guru!  Hanky Panky was celebrating Fashion’s Night Out on Bloomingdale’s Soho third floor.  If you purchased one of Hanky Panky’s Lace Thongs, Hanky Panky provided embellishments for free (on site!)  There was a line of women waiting to have the world’s most famous thong decorated with rhinestone placement hearts, stars, initials, etc.  It’s always great to see the Hanky Panky team.  And saying hello to JD was definitely one of the highlights of my evening.

I bolted out of Bloomie’s to venture back to Mercer Street.  By this point, the sun had dropped and the festivities had evolved into a full-blown party in the shops and on the streets.  I maneuvered my way back up Mercer Street to catch a quick glimpse of the live model in Agent Provocateur’s shop window.  As you can imagine, this drew quite a crowd with flash bulbs illuminating the sidewalk.  And the scene inside the store was very alive- everyone was fully engaged in the party atmosphere which had the aire of seduction and sex.  Agent Provocateur’s latest collection and ad campaign does not disappoint.   Always pushing the envelope, AP’s most recent campaign is the most erotic yet.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Because of the crowd in the store, I was unable to get a real look at any one particular piece.  I made the executive decision to head out (with the intention of going back on another day).

I made another quick stop into Journelle to end my evening where it started.  By now, Journelle was packed with shoppers, tourists, and some of my fellow intimates industry professionals.  All were admiring the Trunk Shows of Kriss Soonik, Bazsarozsa, and La Fee Verte and appreciating the models that were bringing these collections to life.  My Fashion’s Night Out- In Lingerie Style had come to an end.  But I took away much inspiration from the various brands / collections and was so excited to be able to share it with you all….  I have to say, I love my job!


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Fashion’s Night Out- In Lingerie Style Part I

15 Sep

I was lucky enough to attend a number of events for Fashion’s Night Out.  There is so much I want to share with you all…. But it is definitely too much for one Blog Post.  The following chronicles the first stop on my Itinerary, Journelle on Mercer Street in SoHo.  Check back in the days to come for details of the remainder of my evening. Here is Fashion’s Night Out-  In Lingerie Style- Part I….

Premier Lingerie Store Journelle & Founder/ CEO Claire Chambers

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, cities around the globe celebrated Fashion’s Night Out.  The annual event coincides with New York Fashion Week and is a “shopping extravaganza.”  Retailers around the world (including over 1000 in NYC alone) keep their doors open late, offer discounts, and create a festive shopping experience like no other.  One can expect celebrity guests, gift bags and other giveaways, food and drink, music, and an overall party atmosphere including guest lists, red carpet entrances, and security guards checking your bags at the door.

I planned my Fashion’s Night Out itinerary days in advance (using the Fashion’s Night Out web tool to create my evening including addresses, mapped locations, and listings of each retailer’s scheduled events).  Although I did my homework, I was still not prepared for what was to come.  I selected a handful of Lingerie stores which were within the same vicinity so that I could bounce around and see everything I wanted to see.  My target destination was SoHo (downtown NYC).  Who knew this would be the mecca for Fashion’s Night Out shoppers seeking a glimpse of the Kardashian’s or a free goodie bag….???  Certainly not I.

When I emerged from underground at the corner of Spring & Lafayette downtown, I could feel a certain energy in the air.  It was only shortly after 5pm, and already the streets were crowded with fashionistas hungry for a good bargain and an evening of star-studded festivities.  It was certainly festive…  Who am I kidding??!!??  It was outright insane and chaotic!  The streets were blocked off.  Policemen lined the streets alongside their metal barricades.  People blindly crossed the streets without looking.  I was being shoved from side to side as I attempted to navigate towards Prince & Mercer….  But I must say, I was loving every minute of it!  I’m not a fan of large crowds (typically avoiding parades and mass parties such as New Years Eve in Times Square).  However, there was definitely a magic in the air on that night.  It was a warm night and slightly humid… but the temperatures dropped to a comfortable level by dusk.  The streets were full of people looking to catch a glimpse of “something.”  The retail parties spilled onto the narrow, cobblestone streets.  Outrageous displays welcomed you from one shop to the next…. Often blending together… 

3.1 Philip Lim "Girls on Bikes"

I finally made my way past 3.1 Philip Lim’s shop on Mercer Street (which had a mani/pedi truck parked out front… It was kinda like a taco truck… only they were giving gel manicures)!  Not to mention the dozen or so bicycles parked on the sidewalk as part of Lim’s “Girls on Bikes” theme….  I wandered into the first stop on my itinerary…. Journelle.  Journelle was an oasis from the chaos in the streets.  It’s a sweet & sexy lingerie boutique located just doors down from Agent Provocateur.  It was still early… Only half past five in the evening.  Honestly, I think I was the only customer in the store as the sales associated scurried around in preparation for the evening’s event which was to include trunk shows for three emerging independent lingerie lines- Kriss Soonik, Bazsarozsa, and La Fee Verte.  I knew I wanted to get a good look at these three collections, so I was glad that I entered the store early (and beat the inevitable crowd which was to pack the store within just a few short hours).





Designer Kriss Soonik and her model

The first line I looked at was Kriss Soonik.  Kriss’ collection is beautiful…. Modern yet classic.  She has multiple pieces which can be worn in multiple ways including several modal-feel rayon/spandex tops & tanks (surprise!….with suspender belts).  Kriss refers to her line as “Loungerie” which she defines as “luxe loungewear.”  I think she has accomplished her mission of creating a line of sensual pieces which can be worn as innerwear or outerwear.  My favorite piece is her Susan Chic bodysuit.  It is made from all-over lace with capped sleeves, a large slit back opening from neck to waist, a rhumba lace “back seat,” and contrast color velvet ribbon trim which ties at center top back (with sexy long tails!)  At the Journelle trunk show, Kriss wore her own Susan Motion bodysuit in bright orange with a graphic tee underneath.  Both of these all-over lace bodysuits can be worn throughout the day and into the night.  Truly unique and fun!  I’m looking forward to meeting with Kriss to further discuss her brand and her inspiration and direction for the coming season’s collections.

Kriss Soonik Susan Chic Lace Bodysuit Front View

Kriss Soonik Susan Chic Lace Bodysuit Back View

Designer Eniko Bazsa and her model

Across the Journelle shop, I found the Bazsarozsa Fall ’11 collection.  The Bazsarozsa line is designed by Eniko Bazsa and is a reflection of her personality.  Eniko is sweet and somewhat demure with a radiant smile and charming laugh.  Each style is simply elegant and fashioned for comfort.  Eniko said that she wanted to create “everyday basics” that were comfortable and sexy at the same time.  The styling is simple, but far from “basic.”  Each body style has unique trim details such as crochet-look lace trim and contrast color grosgrain ribbon straps.  Eniko said she wants people to be drawn to the collection because of its design & sensibility and then to be further enthralled with it when they discover that the fabric is locally grown organic cotton….  and the collection is produced in the USA too!  I love the dusty, neutral colors Eniko used in creating an ethereal feel…. Dusty Blush & Dusty Aubergine!  Love it!  Body styles include strappy camis, bralettes, cropped cami bras, hipster panties, and thongs.

Bazsarozsa Cami Set

La Fee Verte's Designer Adam Sakara and his model












Ahhhhh…..the elegance of La Fee Verte!  The third independent lingerie designer featured at Journelle’s Fashion’s Night Out Trunk Show was Adam Sakara’s brand La Fee Verte.  I was surprised to discover that the line is designed by a man because it embodies all of the things that I seek in a sophisticated line of lingerie, daywear, and sleepwear.  Adam knows what women want!  The brand is sexy, sultry, seductive yet classic, elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.  The fabrics and laces are divine.   The delicate details are impeccable.  The overall sensibility and aesthetic is clean, pure, timeless elegance.  I am in love with La Fee Verte’s Silk Romper in Navy with contrast color Champagne colorblocking at the neckline and at the hem.  The romper is sophisticated, flirty, and sexy with spaghetti straps and a tunneled elastic waistband.  This collection includes a Bralette, Tap Shorts, a Chemise, and a Robe.  My pictures don’t do it justice….

La Fee Verte Silk Romper

La Fee Verte Silk Robe












Journelle was only the first stop on my itinerary, but was certainly one of the highlights of my night.  I’m thrilled that I was able to meet and speak with each of the designers showcased at Journelle.  Each line is unique and destined to be recognized as one of the finest luxury lingerie lines in the intimate apparel market.

I departed Journelle on a mission….  Kiki de Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and Bloomie’s were up next!  Check back soon for Fashion’s Night Out- In Lingerie Style Part II.

A big thank you to the independent lingerie designers Kriss Soonik, Eniko Bazsa, Adam Sakara, and to the entire team at Journelle SoHo.



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Journelle is the premier lingerie store in New York for the modern woman. With inspiration from the archaic French word journellement, which means “daily”, they’re passionate about helping women feel great from the inside out. They believe in wearing designer lingerie every day, presenting a tastefully-curated (rather than exhaustive) selection of lingerie, and providing customers with compassionate, expert assistance.

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