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Intimate Insight: Tatu Couture Elevates the Tattoo Trend in Luxury Lingerie

28 Jan

Although tattoos have become more commonplace in the past few decades, there are still those women who shy away from permanently marking their skin.  The luxury lingerie line Tatu Couture let’s you have all the fun of a tattoo while adding a splash of elegance to your life.

Isabelle Bodysuit

British based design brand, Tatu Couture, is the creation of Luisa Sidoli, a De Montfort University grad and former head lingerie designer at Ann Summers.  Luisa has taken the tattoo trend a step further by creating an illusion line of luxury bras, panties and bodywear pieces inspired by the notion that “body art,” like lingerie, is a form of sensual expression.  Her pieces incorporate everything from full back graphic designs to subtle and thought provoking quotes such as “Give your heart and soul to me and life will always be La vie en rose,” which is printed on mesh side panels on the La Vie En Rose Bodysuit.  The ‘trompe l’oeil’ tattoo motifs are created in collaboration with professional tattoo artists to make sure they are as authentic as possible.

Lana Bodysuit

Adding an extra dimension to the collection, Tatu Couture styles are constructed of high-quality fabrics that mimic light control shapewear.  Each piece pulls you in, giving you a smooth, sleek shape without feeling too constricting or confining.  The collection comes in two different skin tones to help make the illusion pieces look even more real.

Lola Bodysuit

For the collection entitled “Sweet Surrender,” Tatu Couture has added ivory to its assortment in key silhouettes.  This collection blends a subtle sophistication and rebelliousness with a play on retro styling and the alluring scene of Baroque Italian culture.

Carla Bustle Back Brief

On Tatu Couture’s website, the lingerie is displayed in a dazzling array of angled shots.  The company has added a special styling tip feature where it gives customers advice on how to pair the pieces together and/or how to wear them out of the bedroom!

To find out more information, and to get some special styling advice check out:


Intimate Insight: Private Arts Blurs the Line Between Art and Lingerie

23 Apr

What do you get when you combine a contemporary apparel designer, a fine artist/graphic designer and her business-minded sister?  You get an art-based intimates line, Private Arts, the newest lingerie label that is about to take the world by storm.

Art is a public experience, while underwear is generally a private one.  Private Arts aims to blend the two, creating pieces that move beyond trendy and comfortable: they intend to be thought provoking as well; it is an interesting juxtaposition of “public & private.”  Each piece is printed with original hand drawn art, original photography, or original graphic designs from the effortlessly creative Private Arts team.  Private Arts lingerie reflects a variety of themes and influences, but all of the pieces are united by a dedication to comfort, quality, and unique design elements. 

As a brand, Private Arts has a very tight concept.  Each season they develop approximately ten themes (for example: Americana music fest, island surf, vintage travel.) Each collection has an undie, bandeau or bralette, and a short or t- shirt that match back to each theme.  The brand targets the contemporary woman; they have pieces that are themed for a western style rodeo called “Saddle Up,” as one example.  Founder (and the brand’s print artist) Michelle says, “But it is not cheesy like a cowgirl costume would be, it is fun and in trend, something every girl can feel sexy in and wear all day without garters and frills and embellishments.  Our undies are very flat and lay against the body almost seamlessly as if they are painted on.  They are the “anti-muffin-top” undie.  We like the idea of creating these different themes to match back to different types of women.  So maybe your style is surfer girl, but you want to change it up and do some role playing, you could choose our “Saddle Up” style and secretly be a cowgirl all day underneath your clothes!”

The concept of art-on-undies, Private Arts, is a collaboration between three women: Michelle, Meaghan, and Jeffeny.  Michelle and Meaghan are sisters, while Jeffeny is a longtime friend of the two.  Each took a different journey to land in the lingerie world, but their vision unites them and makes their company run smoothly.  Michelle has a fine arts background, while Megahan has a business background.  Jeffeny previously designed contemporary womens apparel for L.A. Made and Language.

Each woman embraced her natural talents and took on the role that fit her the best.  Meaghan is now the CFO, while Jeffeny designs the silhouettes, and Michelle is the artist behind the original artwork that becomes their prints.  The company began with a credit card and the use of Jeffney’s laundry room, but has quickly expanded to the point where they now have a warehouse and have quit their day jobs.  They’re currently being pitched to various fashion oriented TV shows including All on the Line with Joe Zee on the Sundance Channel.  In addition, Private Arts recently did a fashion show with RAW Artists at The Key Club in Hollywood which proved to be a real success. 

These three women want to emphasize that they are moms with families and they are also successful.  They want their children to grow up seeing that they can be anything the want to be if they put their minds to it!  The artistic intimates brand, Private Arts, is available at fine boutiques worldwide.



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