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Designer Review: Karl Lagerfeld Collection for Impulse! at Macy’s

11 Sep

When I tweeted that I was headed to Macy’s flagship on 34th Street in NYC to check out the new Karl Lagerfeld designer capsule collection for Macy’s Impulse! department, I had a lovely European Fashion Blogger kindly request that I share my thoughts…. So the following details my journey into Macy’s and my impression of the collection.

Karl Lagerfeld

The exclusive, limited edition Karl Lagerfeld designer capsule collection for Macy’s Impulse! department was much anticipated.  The Macy’s marketing and pr teams did a good job of creating the type of hype that is necessary to promote this type of collaboration…  Since I’m on a budget, I’m a real sucker for any opportunity to buy designer brands for less…  So, retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Century 21 score high marks in my book!  And now that it’s a popular trend to offer exclusive collections of designer brands to the masses at affordable prices… I’m in heaven!  So I knew I wanted to get a look at this collection months before it became available.

I chose to head over to Macy’s the day after the launch because I know the kinds of crowds that gather for these types of events (and because the day after the launch happened to be payday!)  Before heading to the store, I perused the collection online to pinpoint a few items that I might like to try.  I had zeroed in on a few things, so when I entered Macy’s, I was “on a mission.” 

Since I’m on a budget, my goal was to find one piece that embodied the collection.  But at the same time, since I was limiting myself to one item, I was looking for something that could be worn in multiple ways.  I’ve found that it’s more practical to purchase classic items that can serve several purposes than to buy that one crazy piece that screams “I went to Macy’s and bought this insane-oversized-black-and-white-pattern-sweater-dress from the Karl Lagerfeld collection…. But if I wear it again anytime soon… You’re all going to notice!”  So, I had my eye on the Long Sleeved Metallic Ombre Tweed Jacket.  I thought that it could be paired nicely with a pair of black slacks for work or with a sexy, drapey black knit top, skinny jeans and strappy heels for an evening out….  Since it’s an outerwear item, I could get away with tossing it on over just about anything throughout the coming cooler months, and because it’s a subtle color & pattern (but with unique styling details), no one would judge me for wearing it two days in a row!

After running a few quick errands, I marched over to Macy’s and made a beeline for the Impulse! department (utilizing the lesser known escalator just inside the 6th Avenue entrance).  The collection was centrally located on the floor and welcomed the customer with an elaborate display which was illuminated and surrounded by mannequins which were well dressed in Lagerfeld’s key items. 

Karl Lagerfeld display at Macy's Herald Square NYC

As I browsed through the rack displays, the first thing I noticed was the color.  The colors were beautiful….  Warm and dusty yet bold….  Pops of bright, raspberry pink.  Pink is my favorite color… Any shade of pink will do the trick…  So I was certainly drawn to the assortment.  If I had to put it into one word, it would be “sophisticated.”  The primary colors included a pale pink called Just Blush, a steely grey called Nine Iron, a bright berry pink, black, white and a wine color which was more of a “rusty rose.”  The colors were coupled with textures such as ombre metallic tweed and faux crocodile skin leathers, sheer, drapey fabrics and crinkle crepe (mostly woven fabrications).  The assortment included blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, vests, shorts, suits, vests, an overcoat, and graphic tee-shirts.

The styling of the collection was beautiful.  My favorite features were the high-collars, the “unexpected” sleeveless styles and the ruching on the dresses.  The trim details added to the designer sensibility of the collection and included signature logo buttons, both clear and black rhinestones, and my new favorite trend- prominent, oversized zippers/ zipper pulls. 

The assortment ran the gamut from “everyday elegant” modest and sweet styles to corporate daytime ensembles to couture-looking, high-fashion evening attire.  Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying “This is a composition of different looks for different hours of the day, different lifestyles.  It is a collection of elements a woman should play with.”  From my perspective, his assessment is right on.  The collection encapsulated various sensibilities and lifestyles.  There were styles for every woman within each of us and it would be easy to mix-and-match various styles to create numerous “looks.”

I was disappointed in the quality of the fabrics, but felt that it was in line with the retail price-points.  The tweeds were heavy, stiff and scratchy.  And the woven sheer fabrics used in blouses and dresses were commonplace.  The faux crocodile skin leathers were “pleathery.”  Although I felt that the fabrics could have been nicer, this would have driven up the price-point (especially because of the fabric consumption of each style).  The construction and stitching were good.  Styles were lined as needed using a signature logo printed lining.  These unpredicted details compensated for some of the inferior features of the collection such as average-quality fabrications.

I selected a few styles to take into the fitting room in hopes of finding one piece to make my own.  Unfortunately, nothing seemed to fit quite right.  It seemed to me that the styles were cut for tall, thin figures.  As a curvy girl, I gravitate towards knits because they are more forgiving of my “lady lumps.”  However, most of the collection was comprised of woven fabrics… And nothing seemed to fit quite right.  My greatest disappointment was that the one style I had hoped to walk away with had been sold out the day before (on the day of the launch).  I guess I wasn’t the only one with my sights set on snagging the Long Sleeved Metallic Ombre Tweed Jacket!  I walked into Macy’s ready to spend money, but I ended up walking out the door empty-handed.

Overall, I felt the sensibility of the collection was sophisticated and modern.  It was fashion-forward yet graceful and elegant.  If you’re on a budget, can wear woven styles that are cut for slender frames, and want a piece of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, I would recommend the collection to you wholeheartedly. 

Window Dressers setting the Displays on the 6th Avenue side of Macy’s Herald Square


The Karl Lagerfeld collection for Impulse! at Macy’s is available in select Macy’s department stores and online at www.macys.com.

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