“Moira and I met while working together at a wholesale Intimate Apparel company.  I personally witnessed her dynamic leadership skills and steadfast work ethic.  She successfully managed to increase business and develop exceptional, value-driven product for accounts such as Kmart and Walmart.
Moira is also extremely savvy at networking.  She has helped me tremendously in my search to find experienced and talented employees as well as other resources for Dirty Dolls Lingerie.”

Courtney Newman, Co-founder– Dirty Dolls Lingerie

“Having had the pleasure of working with Moira, I can testify to her vast knowledge, experience and passion for the world of Intimate Apparel.  Moira has a real understanding of every facet of design, production, distribution, and the marketing of Intimate Apparel and is a true expert in the industry.”

Lauren B. Mandel, President– White Saki

“Moira has the amazing ability to bridge her skills in product development, merchandising, and sourcing to ensure complete success in anything she puts her mind to.  As a previous customer of Moira’s (Target Corp Private Label Intimates); she helped our business grow exponentially and was always willing to go above and beyond to maintain product integrity and on time deliveries.  Moira is an ambassador in the intimate apparel business and has an elevated eye and taste level that just cannot be taught.”

Thomas J. Becker, Manager of Technical Design– Gilly Hicks at Abercrombie & Fitch

“Moira was a great person to work with.  She supported the expansion of the Target intimates department.  She was detailed, trustworthy, and a great partner to work with.  She is personable, an expert in her field and maintains a high level of integrity.”

Kelly Roby, Director– Nike (previously at Target Corp.)

“Moira is a true professional who knows the intimates market extremely well.  She is very bright and an excellent communicator.  Moira is also very dedicated and is an asset to any company lucky enough to collaborate with her.”

MaryJane Sheppard, President– Fashion Search Group

“Moira is very professional and enjoyable to work with.  She is proficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of the design business.  Our customers appreciated her enthusiasm and work ethic.”

Donna Russell, Business Analyst– K’NEX Industries

“I had the pleasure of working with Moira at an intimate apparel company in Los Angeles.  She was wonderful to work with, very smart, and open to different ideas.  She has a tremendously deep knowledge of the product and great experience in the industry.  Moira knows the market very well, and I learned a lot from her.  I wish there were more of her caliber in the industry.  I’m sure she will be very successful in anything she does.”

Heidi Lehmann, Independent Intimate Apparel Designer– Stamford, CT

“I worked with Moira Nelson for about four years at a lingerie company that designed and produced intimate apparel for some very well known private label companies.  Her enthusiasm and work ethic stood out and she was always the one person people went to for both her experience and knowledge.  I accompanied her to many buyer meetings and watching her present the product and seeing the buyer’s response really showed her passion and dedication to the product.  She is quite impressive with her understanding of this business, from concept to store shelf.”  

Michelle Reinhold, Product Development Manager– Old Time Sports

“I had the pleasure of working with Moira at a well known private label intimate apparel company.  She came in everyday with the most friendly and professional attitude.   She is a go-getter and a “do-er”.  Moira was always available to lend a helping hand.  Her willingness to share her plethora of knowledge in the intimates business exceeded my expectations.”

Lorie Lee, Production/Accounts Manager– DGBZ, Inc.


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