Intimate Insider: Sonata Lingerie Embraces the Belle Epoque

20 Jun

Using sheer, high-end laces, satin, silk chiffons and Swarovski crystals, designer Sonata Rapalyte has created multiple award-winning collections.  If you’re familiar with Sonata Lingerie, you have likely seen one of her luxurious lace bodysuits which Sonata says “is destined to adorn the bodies of those who want to be subtly reminded that they are deserving of only the very best.”  Sonata’s latest collection, ‘Belle Epoque’, is available in stores now and Sonata is excited to announce the launch of her recently re-designed website  Intrigued by Sonata’s background and impressed by her hand-made designs, I interviewed her to get an intimate look at the designer behind the brand….

BraLaMode: What inspires you most?

Sonata: I love fashion.  I love good shoes.  Wearing good lingerie gives you the same feeling as wearing good shoes.  Wearing good lingerie makes a woman feel confident, attractive, and it gives them a real positive lift throughout the day.

BraLaMode: What did you do before starting your brand?  How did you get started?

Sonata: I moved to London quite quickly and started working for the uber-trendy lingerie designer Damaris.  I worked with Damaris as a seamstress and technical designer during the launch of her brand and throughout the early years.  However, I started to want to make my own designs.  My love for travel as well as my passion for lingerie then inspired me to move to the Sardinian coast for a while.  I ended up designing my entire first collection there.  I was surrounded by the unmistakable and breathtaking beauty on the island!  It was so inspirational.  I used to take a boat and sail out to the middle of the ocean, sit in the sun with the breeze and the waves, and just design.

BraLaMode: What’s the number one thing that differentiates you from other brands?

Sonata: It is a high-end lingerie line due to the quality fabrics and handmade aspects of the designs.  Sonata Lingerie is designed with fabulous women in mind everywhere.  I hate to think I have only one type of lady buying my designs.  I hope to inspire all ages from 18 to 80!  I just want to make women feel pretty, confident and sexy.  When you wear amazing lingerie, you feel amazing.  Basically, if I’ve achieved you feeling fabulous, then I’m happy with that.

BraLaMode: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Sonata: Sonata lingerie will take over the world!

BraLaMode: Tell me something interesting about you that isn’t lingerie related.

Sonata: My passion is cooking.  I always have my girlfriends around for dinner to try new types of foods or dishes.  We talk, we laugh, and they love my cooking!

Sonata Lingerie is available at




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