Intimate Insider: Victor Vega of Wacoal America

19 Mar

Victor Vega of Wacoal America

In a world where the average worker changes jobs three to five times over the course of their lifetime, Intimate Insider Victor Vega is a statistical anomaly.  He began his career as a warehouse worker with Wacoal America, and by 2005 found himself in the position of Sr. Vice President of Inventory Production and Sales Management through hard work and dedication. 

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Mr. Vega personally through various organizations like The Underfashion Club and the Intimate Apparel Square Club.  I have found him to be a “true gentleman,”  he is kind, honest, and humble.  I caught up with him just before the Femmy Gala this past January, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the intimate apparel industry and for his loyalty to helping others.

I asked Mr. Vega about his lifelong devotion to charitable causes.  “I’ve always believed it is important to give back in our communities” he told me, “especially to those less fortunate.  Helping others motivates me.”  In addition to his participation in the non-profit organizations affiliated with the intimate apparel industry, Mr. Vega is involved with (and holds leadership positions in) numerous civic organizations in his own community.

When asked about the intimates industry as a whole, Mr. Vega said that he has seen many changes in the industry since the beginning of his career, and is looking forward to what the future will bring.  “I hope to see the industry evolve and grow; to have different people involved in it.  We all need to work together to take the industry to the next level, and the infusion of the next generation is wonderful.”

Victor Vega’s contributions to the industry are legendary, but when asked to name his greatest accomplishment, he says it is his good old-fashioned success story.  He’s proud of having worked at the same company for so many years, and for rising to his current position through hard work and dedication.  This year marks his 40th Anniversary with Wacoal America.

Victor Vega is honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 FEMMY Gala

And finally, how does Mr. Vega feel about his Lifetime Achievement Award?  His response is simple and as always, humble.  “It is an honor, especially because it is given by the Underfashion Club which is made up of fellow industry professionals.” he says. 

Mr. Vega is an inspiration to all of us working in the intimate apparel industry.  His dedication to his employer is truly impressive.  But it is his devotion to those less fortunate that really makes an impression on me.  Victor Vega is a rare breed.  I feel privileged to know him and am honored to consider him a friend.


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