Intimate Insight: Ahab, Indy and Enid- I Found My Holy Grail, My White Whale – My Perfect Bra

21 Dec

Ever since I began learning about all these great lingerie brands made for Tig O’ Bitties like mine, I’ve been drooling over their websites, all the while keeping an eye out for my dream bra – a red balconette style bra in my size that would match my sexy red boy short panties.

Why boy shorts?

In my 20’s I was doing the thong thing, but ever since I bought a six pack of Marks & Spencers black cotton boy shorts on a trip to London, I’ve been hooked on that style. Not only are they comfy, but I find that on a plus size figure, they are much more flattering.

My faves are those Marks & Spencer knickers that first got me hooked, and two sexy styles from Frederick’s of Hollywoodthe Angelina  (being discontinued so get them on clearance while you can) and the lacy Jessica  (stretchy and forgiving.) 

Why red?

Why not? It’s sexy and racy and bold – all characteristics I aspire to take on as I go into 2012 as a newly single gal!

But the key for me – regardless of color – was the style (no full size cups – I want demi balconette all the way) and that it fit well and didn’t drive me to tears by the end of the day. So imagine my delight when Affinitas sent me their Charlotte red balconet bra from their Parfait line to try out.

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Bra in Red with Black

I loved the retro style of it when I had first seen it on their website, but worried that this would be a case of a regular size bra being incorrectly up-sized and that I’d end up suffering from a case of “my cup overfloweth” leading to hourly trips to the ladies room to shove myself back into the bra. Some companies – when they try to go into the plus size market- don’t correctly readjust their styles to accommodate a larger breast size. You put a bra on that is supposed to be your size, but then find out that your nipples are constantly popping out and you spend the rest of the day seriously contemplating the use of duct tape to keep your breasts in place.

Imagine my joy when I put it on and found that the girls sat in the cups quite nicely without dangerous overflow issues, even if I leaned over to pick something off the floor or touch my toes. (OK, I lie. I can’t touch my toes quite yet. But I can wave at them.)

And the bra looked amazing!! Sometimes I’ll get frustrated when something I buy in the store doesn’t look nearly as good on me as it does on the model, but for once I think I actually looked better than she did. I was disappointed to have to put a shirt on because I looked so good in that bra! (I was actually humming “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” while I modelled it for myself in the mirror. Heaven… I’m in heaven… )

The bra was so comfortable to wear. The one frustrating thing about underwires is that after 8 hours, that stuff just digs into your skin like crazy and as soon as you get home, the first thing you want to do is take it off, but after a full work day wearing this one, I was in no hurry to take it off.

But my favorite thing about this bra is how I feel in it. There are certain items of clothing you will find that, for one reason or another, you will want to wear all the time – a business suit that makes you feel more powerful, a dress that makes you feel sexier, a pair of slacks that make you seem slimmer and taller or a blouse that hugs your curves in all the right places and makes you feel like a model. When I wear this bra, I can’t stop smiling. It gives me a little extra boost of confidence.

I will have to get myself an extra one of these because I know I’m going to be wearing it often so I could use a spare just in case. Now if only they made this one in navy blue as well…


Parfait by Affinitas

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