Intimate Intro: Curves- You’ve Finally Met Your Match!

30 Nov

Enid and I initially met in a friend’s book club in Los Angeles.  Actually, it may have been my book club.  (I’m famous for coming up with hare-brained schemes!)  Regardless, the book club quickly became defunct.  No one else wanted to read books about boobs and bras!  Can you imagine!!??  But luckily, Enid and I became fast friends and our friendship has survived the test of time.  In fact, we were roommates for a few months back in 2006.  I had just gotten divorced and was in the process of a mini meltdown.  Shortly thereafter, I packed my bags (and my bras) and moved back to NYC.  Needless to say, Enid witnessed me at my worst and got to know me intimately. 

I know very few people that can talk about boobs and bras as much as I can.  Enid is one of those few!  We share that love/hate relationship with our boobs and bras.  I’m grateful that we’ve maintained our friendship over the years and across the country.  Like a good bra, Enid provides me with great support!

Enid lives in the Los Angeles area and works in post-production (yes, that’s in the film biz).  She is a curvy gal on a constant search for affordable clothes that she can buy off the rack, clothes that show off her hourglass figure without requiring extra tailoring.  She dreams of one day finding the perfect-fitting button-up blouse for work as well as a comfortable and supportive sports bra for working out.  But her holy grail is a sexy, scarlet satin balconette bra in a 40G that can hold up the girls while still feeling like it’s almost nothing at all!

Join me in welcoming my friend Enid to Bra La Mode…..Her opinions reflect her own experience and are not necessarily the opinions of me, Moira Nelson, or of Bra La Mode as a company.  We will not edit the content of Enid’s articles.  This is intentional.  We want our readers to hear her authentic perspective as a sassy, sexy, smart, curvy chic living and working in Hollywood.


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