Missoni for Target ~ The World’s Shortest Blog Post

13 Sep

It’s all Sold Out… The End.

No, really…. It’s ALL sold out…. And, Target’s server crashed today….  It couldn’t handle the demand!

My local Jersey City store had a line wrapped around the store and down the block shortly after 6am today.  When the doors opened at 8am, there was a mad dash for everything & anything Missoni.  Silly me… I thought I could leisurely pop into the store on my way home from work.  Shame on me!  I know better than that!!??!!

Luckily, I wasn’t willing to give up the good fight….  I scoured the store looking for something…. anything…. Just so that I could say I have something Missoni…. I was willing to settle for a pencil!  Fortunately, the Lingerie Gods were with me….  I can’t leave Target without popping into the Intimate Apparel department to check out what’s new….  Lo and behold, there was one lonely Missoni for Target Babydoll Set left on a rack…. And it’s in my size.  SCORE!

Missoni for Target Babydoll Set

And now we’re on to Plan B….  I called Mom.  She’s lives in a retirement community in the middle of nowhere.  I bet her local Target has something left!  Mom is on a mission… for Missoni for Target!  I’ll keep you posted on what she finds!

www.target.com (unless they’re all sold out too!)

And if they are sold out, let them know how you feel about it @TargetStyle

Happy Hunting!


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