Natori at Target- The First Intimates Collaboration for the Mass Retailer

12 Sep

Designer Josie Natori

In case you haven’t heard, Josie Natori is partnering with Target to develop an exclusive, limited-edition Lingerie collection for the popular mass merchant known for its designer collaborations.  Target has partnered with numerous designers in recent years (including collaboration with Italian design house Missoni which launches this Tuesday, September 13).  However, the partnership with Natori is the first lingerie collaboration they’ve done.   The collection will be released in Target stores in two installments- the first hitting stores for the busy Holiday shopping season and the second installment will be available as of January 1 (targeting the Valentine’s Day shopper).  Retail Prices are expected to be between $9.99 and $34.99.  You can be sure that I will check out the Natori for Target collection as soon as it becomes available and will share my thoughts with you immediately thereafter.



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